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Rules and policies

The North Arm Parent Information Handbook contains information for parents and carers relating to school rules, policies and procedures.

You can download a PDF copy or obtain a printed copy from the school office. 

Absences, early departures, late arrival  

If your child is absent from school, please ring the Absentee Line on 5472 9860 or send a note to your class teacher the day your child returns to school. In the event of a prolonged absence parents should notify the school and unless the child is ill, work can be sent home. 


The rights and responsibilities of students, parents and staff in relation to treatment of each other are clearly articulated in our policy and guidelines, which are reviewed regularly with students, parents and staff. Our school policy is based on the “You Can Do It” program. 

Our school rules are:

  •   Be safe
  •   Be respectful
  •   Be a learner

Staff and parents work tirelessly to provide an environment in which children are fully supported to achieve the best possible social outcomes from their North Arm school experience.  

For more information on Behaviour Management at North Arm see our web page under our Community link.


Complaints Management Procedure 

There may be times throughout the year, when you would like to express a concern or seek clarification about something at school.  Please be assured that at all times, you will be listened to, and treated with the utmost respect by our school staff. In return, I expect that school staff will be listened to and treated with the same levels of respect.   

I know that there is NEVER any problem too big, that we can’t work it out together, in a respectful manner.  Through discussion, we can resolve concerns and therefore build a more supportive, positive and effective learning environment for your children.   

In order to assist with this process,, a ‘Making a Complaint Information Sheet’ is available for download.  This brochure provides further details and processes to follow, to ensure effective resolution of concerns at our school.  Please keep this information at home, and follow the steps outlined, if needed.  I hope it proves to be another useful communication tool.


At North Arm all teachers set homework from Monday to Thursday to help children establish routines and work habits to equip them to become responsible life-long learners. Your child’s homework could span a range of activities including daily reading, spelling, number facts, catch up on unfinished work or an activity designed specifically to help your child.

Parents, your classroom teacher will make it very clear to you at the beginning of the year how homework in his/her classroom, fits in with the classroom organization.

Parents are encouraged to have their children do the set homework, but not to allow its completion to disrupt family life. Teachers do not spend valuable teaching time, or their very brief lunch break, policing the homework, nor do they offer rewards for its completion.

Some hints for parents:

  • Begin a routine for homework early in the child’s school life.
  • Have a set time (say 4 to 4:20pm) for homework every day.
  • Take an interest in the child’s homework. Ask him/her to tell you what they are doing or how they do it.
  • If a child has problems with homework, he/she should go to the teacher before school the following day.
  • At times, parents try to help their child by demonstrating mathematical solutions by using their own methods. If these are different from what is taught at school, the child could become more confused. We appreciate your help, but please ensure you are familiar with the school’s methods.


If it is necessary for prescribed medicine to be administered during school time, the medicine must be given to the office along with WRITTEN ADVICE on a medication form, outlining dosage and time. Copies of the medication form are available from the office or your enrolment pack. Over the counter medicine may only be given with written permission from both parent and doctor.


Open Communication Lines

At various times throughout the year, parents or teachers may have new information (eg changed family circumstances), issues/concerns, or even great news that will affect a child at school. I encourage all parents and teachers to maintain open communication lines between home and school. 

If there are ever any times when you as a parent feel the need to discuss something with your child’s teacher, please either drop in after school (for a brief chat) or phone to make an appointment if you wish for a longer meeting. 

As this is a two-way process, teachers will also maintain these open communication lines and will contact you as needed throughout the year.  I have also added our teachers’ school email addresses to the Teaching Team photos, for your information.



Student Absence Procedures

 Parents are requested and expected (under S176 Education (General Provisions) Act 2006) to keep schools informed about student absences.  Schools are required (under the same Act) to follow-up and report (if necessary) on unexplained absences, unsatisfactory explanations and/or unacceptable levels of absenteeism. 

Therefore, parents and carers are asked to inform the school by either phone (5472 9860) or email (  about reasons for absences – either during the absence or the next school day.  I thank you for following this simple procedure, which will assist us to maintain our effective two-way communication and also to work together to protect the interests of your child/ren.


Uniform and dress code  

North Arm State School is a strict uniform school. We have the support of our Parents and Citizens’ Association to promote 100% adherence to the uniform. Our student dress code consists of an agreed standard and items of clothing, which includes a school uniform that North Arm State School students wear when:

·         Attending or representing their school;

·         Travelling to and from school; and

·         Engaging in school activities out of school hours.


North Arm State School Parents and Citizens’ Association supports a student dress code policy because it believes that a student dress code provides clothing that aims to contribute to a safe and supportive teaching and learning environment through:

·         ready identification of students and non-students at school;

·         fostering a sense of belonging; and

·         developing mutual respect among students by minimising visible evidence of economic or social differences

·         promotes an effective teaching and learning environment by eliminating the distraction of competition in dress and fashion at the school.


North Arm student dress code reflects school community standards and are consistent with occupational health and safety and anti-discrimination legislation.

We will actively encourage our students to take pride in themselves and their school. One way in which this may be achieved is through adherence to the school’s dress standards. As the parent/carer and provider of your child, we seek your support in this matter.


Inappropriate dress refers to clothing or apparel worn by students that is deemed to be:

·         offensive

·         Likely to disrupt, or negatively influence normal school operations;

·         Unsafe for student or others; and

·         Likely to result in a risk to health and safety of student or others

·         Outside the requirements as stated in Parent Handbook 2011 e.g., gym shorts, bike shorts and denim shorts. School skirts and skorts must be of appropriate length i.e. a couple of inches above the knee.



Students must still comply with safety aspects of the dress code. No singlets, micro shorts and all students must wear covered shoes.  In circumstances where inappropriate or unreasonable dress is worn, appropriate action will be taken.


Girls Uniform:


Dress – navy blue with aqua and white trim

Broad brimmed navy blue hat

Navy blue wrap skirt/shorts/skort with polo shirt




Boys Uniform:

Socks and closed in leather shoes

or running shoes.

Shirt: aqua blue polo shirt with navy and white trim


Shorts: Navy blue shorts

Sports Uniform:


Shirt:  Red, yellow or green school

sport shirts (to be worn on Fridays


Winter uniform:

Shorts: Navy blue shorts

Long sleeve polo shirt (winter weight)


Polo fleece zip up jacket


Navy blue long gym pants for girls or Stubbies

long pants for boys.

Navy blue stockings, tights or leggings (full-length) under the dress.

No nail polish

Watches, small stud/sleeper

 earrings, signet rings, medic alert

 bracelets or chains, religious

 chains only

Alternatively, navy blue track suit top and  bottoms with no logos, and purchased outside of school.





Uniforms may be purchased through the Uniform Shop on Wednesday morning from 8.00 am to 9.00am during term. Alternatively, you can leave an order with the office staff and it will be processed by our volunteer uniform convenors.