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Our school’s ethos, “Learning for Heart, Mind and Earth”, is the anchor that underpins students school experience at North Arm. Many elements of that experience for children are drawn together through what we call our “Island of Life”. Our school and its gardens are a bio-diverse Island of Life, and that is used to link children’s understandings to our school motto, “Lifelong Learning for Heart, Mind and Earth". The Island of Life has been used to develop a strong school identity, to develop positive attitudes and understandings for use in life, with particular reference to showing students what they need to know, and to understand, to live sustainably.

The North Arm Curriculum Framework allows for flexibility in implementation, to allow teachers to be responsive to the needs and interests of the students, within the parameters of the requirements of Education Queensland, and our own “Island of Life” ethos.

The North Arm Curriculum Framework provides a vehicle for teachers to flexibly meet the needs of students ensuring each student becomes an interested and interesting person, and a confident and capable learner for life.

The North Arm school experience for children is carefully designed so that as a result of time spent here, they become young adults who have excellent academic attainment, and a genuine love of learning, and who embrace their future with skill and knowledge.

North Arm students become

1. Socially aware, active, earth-savvy citizens

2. Possessed of a wide array of skills, which enable them to grow into life

3. Happy, confident and creative

4. Respectful of others, and appropriately assertive

5. Interested and interesting people who are connected to their wider world

6. Aware of their own health, and well being and that of others

7. Respectful, compassionate initiators of positive change in their world

8. Competent users of current technologies.

The school experience that is needed to deliver these outcomes is o­ne that:

1. Ensures that our students are competent users of language — they can read, write and use digital media well

2. Teaches them the skills of enquiry and analysis, and shows them that they are personally powerful — they can make a difference to their world

3. Exposes them to many different learning activities, and allows them to use a variety of different learning styles, and considers individual need, interest and ability.


The Australian Curriculum

This year all of our students, from Prep to year 7, are learning English, Maths and Science as a part of the Australian Curriculum. The Australian Curriculum sets out the core knowledge, understanding, skills and general capabilities that are important for all Australian students. It identifies what all young people should learn as they progress through schooling, and is the foundation for high quality teaching to meet the needs of all Australian students.

Students across Australia will have a consistent curriculum in English, mathematics, science, (and history in 2013), and these will be the four core learning areas every young Australian will study during their education from Prep to Year 10. In addition to these four learning areas, all schools will have the flexibility to offer a range of other subjects, so that education is tailored to the needs of individual students and each school community. At North Arm SS, this means we still ensure our key programs, such as the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden, Zen Thai, You Can Do It, Interschool sports and QESSI, continue for our students.

 Within all learning areas, there will be a focus on developing seven general capabilities of students. The capabilities include skills, behaviours and dispositions that students need to develop and apply to content knowledge, and they will help them become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens. Throughout their schooling, students will develop and use these capabilities in their learning across the curriculum, in co-curricular programs, and in their lives outside school.

Incorporated within each of the four key subjects and the seven General capabilities, are three cross-curriculum priorities. Students will learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia, and Sustainability.

Whole School Curriculum Framework

Our Whole School Curriculum Framework provides an overview of the key learing occurring in every classroom across the year. This is a guide as teachers will be continually adjusting the finer details to ensure that the educational, emotional and social needs of each child are met.

Year Level Overviews

The Year Level Overviews provide a more detailed overview of the key focuses for each class across the year. Here you will find the major focus of each English, Mathematics and Science unit for the year. Our students will be working within 5 week units for English and Maths, and 10 week units for Science. The year overviews also provide details of the Essential Learning taught for Studies of Society & Environment, Technology, The Arts and HPE. Where a term is blank, that subject is not taught during that time, however you will notice that it will be taught within each semester.